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Mission and Content Guidelines

CMAX Mission

CMAX.TV produces and distributes original entertainment that promotes what is true, good, and beautiful. We provide a platform for partners and content creators to transform culture and bring hope to families and individuals.

What We seek

  • Promote excellent and relevant media across a wide breadth of genres.

  • Seek out valuable content while promoting original, innovative storytelling that resonates from the core of the human condition.

  • Fund content producers and ministries to continue their work through our commission and partnership programs.

Content Guidelines

We want to be a place for the fun, the edgy, the challenging…. the REAL. Here are some of our basic guidelines.

  • Must promote the true, good, and beautiful. This may include showing the consequences and the damage done by the opposite.

  • Must not contradict Catholic Church teaching or promote anti-Catholicism.

  • We acknowledge that life is messy and sin is horrific. Some content, such as the Passion of the Christ or Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, is PG-13 or R-rated while still showing the love of God or the horror of sin. No NC-17 will be permitted.

  • We encourage content that challenges the viewer to think and reflect.

  • We encourage content that shows real-world examples of living the faith and how sin affects the family and society. Sin may not be glorified.

  • Content may be in any genre and for any audience that matches our other content guidelines.

  • Content should be made to the highest production quality possible.

  • CMAX.TV reserves the final decision making in all content on CMAX.TV.

  • If content is put on CMAX.TV and later found to be problematic or if the content producer is shown to be working against our mission, we reserve the right to remove content.

Funding Projects

We’re a lot more stringent on the quality and mission of projects we fund. If you are seeking full or partial funding for a project, it will be subject to board approval and funds availability.