Welcome to CMAX.TV

So what is CMAX.TV? We are Christian to the Max! CMAX is a new, multi-channel, Christ-friendly, on-demand streaming platform. We believe that entertainment can be relevant, meaningful, and inspiring, so that you can engage the culture in an impactful way. Come, join us as a Fellow Pilgrim at CMAX.TV. Help us to help the world Lighten Up!

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Lighting the Way Through Entertainment and Media

CMAX.TV produces and distributes original entertainment that promotes what is true, good, and beautiful. We provide a platform for partners and content creators to transform culture and bring hope to families and individuals. We seek to:

  • Promote excellent and relevant media across a wide breadth of genres that speaks universally and/or to specific demographic groups.
  • Vigilantly seek out exceptionally valuable content while promoting original, innovative storytelling that resonates from the core of the human condition through the real challenges faced today and tomorrow.
  • Fund content producers and ministries to continue their work through our commission and partnership programs.

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Build the vision! Starts at $10/mo.
Special 2019 Offer!