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Our CMAX.TV Mission

We desire to transfigure the culture; we say ‘transfigure’ in the sense that we are thoroughly convinced of the ‘Good’ within each human person, though due to our fallen nature, we all fall short of manifesting this Good consistently and void of self-interest. We want to be part of the process that draws out this Good, shining light in the darkness, healing the wounds. Though this process is ultimately an act of the Holy Spirit, we must do our part as His instruments; called to be salt, light, and leaven in the world.

The team at CMAX.TV is intentional with our time and resources. We invest ourselves in Kingdom things and we don’t expect any less from you. The bottom line is you’ve landed on a content streaming platform that intentionally aligns itself with the Gospel. Doesn’t it feel good to watch something impactful for all the right reasons?! We feel good about the content we are streaming and the content we are creating. Truth is, we want you to feel good too; to feel good about how you spend your resources, how you fill your time, and how you watch your entertainment programming. We want to help you have more of an intentional impact in your part of the world – of course it comes with a special bonus program made just for you.


Gideon took 300 people into battle against 135,000 well-trained Midianite soldiers.

And his small army conquered!

We are looking for 300 strong Visioneers to take on the world.   

Join CMAX now as a VISIONEER and get a specially priced two-year subscription to CMAX.TV. You become a member of a small community that participates in the creative decision-making process of CMAX, while helping grow our subscriber population in order to reach the spiritual broken and desolate. Plant seeds of faith building strength! And help grow the garden! Have input on creative work at CMAX.TV. Participate as a community with us and help CMAX.TV reach its best potential to spread the Gospel!!! Of course we need subscribers, but we also want subscribers with intention – Boots on the Ground, if you will – for the lifetime of your unbroken membership, your maximum annual rate increae will  be no more than 3%. Ever. Plus there is more.

Even though we know you are not asking for anything to move forward with Christ’s calling on your life, we know God, in His generosity, is all about the win-win situations. Here is what we will offer you when you discern to become part of this 300 strong community of Visioneers:

  • CMAX.TV for 2 years for only $200 total
  • Receive exclusive inclusion in the creative circle at CMAX.TV
  • Participate with the CMAX team during development meetings
  • Access Visioneer-only content each month
  • Become a shaker and mover in the Visioneer-only community pages to meet other Visioneers
  • Receive 10% of all subscription revenue you help generate
  • Get special, one-of-a-kind VISIONEER GEAR from CMAX.TV

Are You READY?