The Grand Club

The Grand Club with CMAX.TV

Robert Shepherd from Past Shadows and Spielberg’s Lincoln explains what the Grand Club is:

Joining the Grand Club Will Give You or Your Loved Ones Lifetime Access AND Give the Network Momentum to Grow

Perhaps you desire a lifetime of quality, inspiring programming without ongoing payments, increases or fees… ever. Or perhaps you want to hand on something to your children, grandchildren, or Godchildren that will feed their soul and support a positive culture in your family for life.

In any case, the Grand Club is for you. Our need for start-up capital to create great content and grow our library is your opportunity for a gift that keeps on giving. Take a peek at our CMAX.TV video about the Grand Club. See if a Grand Club membership is for you!

What joining the Grand Club means...

  • LIFETIME CMAX.TV Access to the Grand Club member / recipient with no renewals or fees. Ever.
  • Support of the network we all wish was out there. Help CMAX.TV to become a powerful positive production force!
  • Our sincere thanks. Without people like you, we couldn’t bring the CMAX.TV vision to life!
  • A one-time buy-in of $500. 

Who can join the Grand Club?

  • The Grand Club is limited to the first 1,000 members. 
  • You may be a direct user of the Grand Club or gift the membership.
  • You may be anywhere in world. We cannot guarantee that all programming will be available in all countries at all times, but ALL programming available in your country will be available to the Grand Club member. 

Not ready for the Grand Club?

We understand! Thank you for your support of CMAX.TV! We invite you to become a regular subscriber to watch CMAX.TV and help build the vision for $13/month – or maybe join our Visioneer team!

Be a member of a select group building the vision of CMAX.TV
Limited to 300 Members.

Build the vision! Starts at $13/mo.
Annual subscriptions also available.

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