The Divine Plan

CMAX hosted a prescreening of The Divine Plan Movie

Our prescreening audience said the following:

The Divine Plan wonderfully tells the story of two men who, through God’s plan, together changed the course of history. It’s told with a visual style appealing to a younger generation. – Ashley Zahorian, MFA, President and CEO of CMAX.TV

This is a pro-life film and story. – Mike Galvin, Member, Men of Faith

Great story of two great leaders. Inspiring!!! – Robert Murray, Jail Ministry in Chesapeake

Well done! – Maureen Murray, Leader, Intercessory Midwives Training Intercessors

Very inspiring and educational. – Tiffany Williams, Student, Regent

Really well done, especially graphics documentation and thrust. That was a different time… – Diana Deboe, Artist

This film shows the power of divine providence in the history of man, and how in the long run, the goodness of God always triumphs evil. – Bob McDonnell, Former Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia

Great review of the epic conclusion to a dire century of horrors that would culminate in great hope. – Alfred Artho

Learned a lot, even though we lived through that time. – Tom and Dianne Reed

Well done. With use of graphic novel style, the story moves seamlessly. – Don and Tracy Cissell

This is timely and powerful. We quickly forget the lessons of history. This film helps us remember what communication, coverage, and faith can accomplish. – Bill Schwirder

Very informative. I was not aware of all the connections between the men. God’s hand was definitely on both men. – Lourine Macklem

Very insightful. – Matt Povell

Visually engaging and masterfully portrayed, this film tells a magnificent story that needs to be told. I loved this film! I am a current film student and am excited to see more films like this made. – Elizabeth Williams, MFA Student, Regent University

A well-crafted documentary that absolutely illuminates the providential contributions of great historical figures. – Gary Roberts, Professor, Regent University

I found the film to be very engaging, visually impressive, and spiritually compelling. – Chris Pocta, Lawyer

Very good. Very informative. A lot of info that I did not know. Very amazing. – Theresa Rozelle

Film inspired me to be a ‘player on the stage’ of life and to be active to protect religious and political freedom. – Trish Cyrs, Christ the King Catholic Church Catholic Women’s Fellowship
We currently live in a time of good and evil. What can we do to further the good, to make the will of God our focus? – Steven Cyrs

I enjoyed the creative way The Divine Plan shared the powerful story of the relationship between two men with the shared desire to take back the world from evil. It was a real eye opener! – Brigette Rock, Content Manager, CMAX.TV

Excellent! Wonderful! – Susan Puciee

An outstanding historical documentary, regardless of religious perspective, but after all, isn’t Christianity history? Isn’t Jesus the God of history? Then, go see this movie and enjoy the role of faith in history! – Dr. Michael Pico, DO, Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus Council 19056

Wow – this was incredible. Showing how two people can change history. – Taresa Nunn

The documentary is great knowledge about two great men of history. Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul II! – Le Murphy

Beautifully informed recounting of parallel events and lives of leaders to cooperate toward change, impassioned by the understanding of inherent dignity, imageo deo, of each. An inspirational call – join the work of making our world better for all in our own sphere of influence from political, spiritual, educational, and all other realms of impact. – Renee Zarro, Esq., Attorney, Alumnus of Regent University School of Law, Member of New Life Church

Inspirational film – well executed and a story with retelling especially at this time in our history. – Jim Brown, Men of Faith

Visual style very unique, engaging. Keeps your attention especially during history topic. Great way of presenting this unknown story. Inspiring. – Jennifer Sikes, Church of the Ascension

A story of two great leaders, brought together by the anguish of a separated people, to free them from communism. – Glenn Hart, Member, Knights of Columbus

Inspiring – I had no idea that this occurred – the connection between Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul. Seeing the spiritual conviction of Ronald Regan, his faith, was awesome. Important story to be heard. – Kathy Ahearn, Church of the Ascension

Amazing the similarities in the lives of Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan (example – Assassination attempts close together). – Karen Rieger

Interesting view on both politics and faith – wonderful information on the relationship of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul. – Regina Toneato, Admin and bookkeeper, Green Run Collegiate Virginia Beach Schools

The Divine Plan is a deep dive into the events unfolding in the daily battles, both politically and personally, and how even a single person can become the fulcrum for change. – Andy Rak, Animator, VFX Artist, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Great documentary on two leaders who changed the world. Divine Plan applies to everyone of us. – Vic Sibal, Missionary and Area Head, Couples for Christ

The grand and intimate juxtaposed. – Mike Newcomb, Peer Trainer, Veteran Pathways Home

Remembering those times, applying faith new. It was a divine plan and the film correctly presents it. The Divine plan and the actions of Reagan and Pope John Paul II set a course for the future. – Sharon F. Newcomb, Pathways Home Chaplain President

Just wonderful! – Janet Holloway

A great review of history – that people (Pope, President, etc) can make significant changes. God has the plan and uses people. – Rose Cooke

History that must be told to guide America’s future. – Mario Papa

The similarities between the lives and goals of President Reagan and Pope John Paul II was incredible – only God could have orchestrated, He has the Divine Plan. – Lois Papa

Excellent. Love the story of God working in the world through two extraordinary men of God. Victory in Jesus name! – Bayley Bullock 

In 1981, both President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II were shot. Both men had the same impression: “God spared my life for a reason!” When the two men, an actor turned politician who became President and a Polish World War II survivor turned priest who became Pope, met after their recovery they decided to work together to end the Cold War. Their story is being shared in a movie: The Divine Plan: scheduled to be released in November on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Like the alliance between President Reagan and Pope John Paul II we need to forge Christian Alliances to transform our culture. When Christians band together and form holy alliances, they can transform cities and cultures. Our Culture needs transformation. It is too big for one man, one group or one institution. Will you join us to be part of the transformation of our region?

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