Subscription Partner

Partner with CMAX.TV to Support Your Ministry or Organization

St. Paul tells us to be “mutually encouraging to one another.” We’d like to take that a step further with our Subscription Affiliate program… a great way to provide an ongoing fundraising revenue stream for the good work you do.

Eligible ministries, groups, and businesses who join the program earn a full 10% back on all subscriptions registered through them every month!

So visualize this — a thousand individuals from your mailing list and/or their contacts subscribe through your unique link.

That’s $1,300 every month for your ministry!

We call that a win-win-win.

You win as you add unrestricted funds to support your work.

The subscriber gets great programming on demand.

CMAX.TV is able to continue to grow our library.

It’s a win for all! 

Get started today:

1. Sign up and get your unique link! Note: you can sign up as an individual or organization. 

2. Use our text and images (or create your own) and share your unique code! 

3. Earn 10% off all subscriptions from your unique month – every time they renew!*

Need materials for sharing? Go no further! Well, except clicking on this link. This one. Here.

*We’ll transfer monthly, whenever $10 or more in commissions have accrued for Subscription Affiliates in good standing.