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We get it… you are likely thinking, “Maybe I will just wait until the CMAX library expands a bit before subscribing.” Certainly, this is a reasonable approach, so the impetus is on US to sweeten the deal a bit, and try to make this a win-win situation to sign up with us today (or even tomorrow so you can pray on it).

As your early subscription helps us expand the library, we want to offer the following set of incentives for you to become a monthly subscriber sooner than later.

Yes… we want this to be a win-win. In considering the cost of the monthly subscription, could we suggest another win-win? Would you consider fasting for one meal a month or foregoing two days of double-decaf lattes at the local coffee shop for the intention of CMAX.TV… that we might be an instrument of God’s handiwork to affirm the faithful and reach the lost?

We know, Fellow Pilgrim, there is little time to waste. Will you help us build the network that we all wish was out there?

$10/month. No contract, cancel anytime.

$120/year. No contract, cancel anytime.