Spread the Vision

Looking to work more closely with CMAX.TV?

We are EXCITED about the network CMAX.TV is becoming! We meet people every day who want to help the network to grow! Are you one of those people? Here are the first steps: 

  1. Become a subscriber to CMAX.TV! Seriously. We need subscriptions to grow, and you need a subscription to view content! Either become a regular subscriber or join the Grand Club to secure lifetime access.
  2. Explore the options below for ways you can spread the vision:

Subscription Partners

We are all fellow travelers in this faith journey! We’d like to make the partnership more fruitful through formal partnership. As a Subscription Partner, you  let people in your circle know about the great stuff on CMAX.TV. They sign up for CMAX.TV through your unique link. CMAX.TV expands reach and can keep making content, they get great content, and you get a tithe of their subscriptions. We call that a win-win-win! 

Content Producers

Have some God-given talent for creating content that promotes the True, the Good, and the Beautiful? We are always looking for a good story, well told through various forms of media. Explicitly Christian or an honest story reflecting the human spirit, we’d love to see it. What’s more, if it meets our content criteria, we will not only provide you with exposure to a growing audience, you will receive compensation for subscriber views.

Your fresh and inspiring content + CMAX.TV =
One more channel for God’s Grace!

Prayer Partners

We need prayer support! Will you commit to praying for CMAX.TV? Any prayers are great! By becoming a prayer partner and joining our “formal” prayer team we’ll be able to stay in touch with you on the specific challenges facing CMAX.TV and communicate prayer requests.  


Would you like to join us in building CMAX.TV and promoting the true, good, and beautiful? Join us as a volunteer! We have periodic community building and training volunteer days as well as intern and volunteer opportunities on set, in our office, and remotely.

Investment Partners

Are you interested in a larger role in helping CMAX.TV to be the network we all wish existed? If you are feeling called to a deeper partnership than the above options, or are looking for information on investment opportunities, please email our COO Tom Esposito.

Donor Partners

Are you interested in making a tax-deductible donation for media on CMAX.TV? We partner with non-profits to complete and/or distribute their films. The project that could use your help, right now, is getting the first CMAX.TV feature completed with the non-profit Awakening the Domestic Church (ADC)! How does it work? It’s simple. We’re in post production now and every donation helps licence an element, shoot needed b-roll, or help complete editing, sound mix, and color grading!

Get or gift a membership for $500 with NO renewals ever.
Limited to 1,000 (grand) members.

Be a member of a select group building the vision of CMAX.TV
Limited to 300 Members.

Build the vision! Starts at $13/mo.