Pentecost Bundle

Let God make your Pentecost personal!

We need a CULTURE OF PENTECOST! Get all the content you need to prepare yourself and your friends for a summer of Pentecost formation.

Awakening the Domestic Church brings you a powerful bundle of video series and prayer tools, delivered by CMAX.TV, themed to Pentecost! This is our biggest Pentecost bundle ever! Presenters include: Cardinal Cantalamessa, Dr. Ralph Martin, Dr. Mary Healy, Damian Stayne, Jean-Luc Moens, John Michael Talbott, Fr. John Crossin, Deacon Darrell Wentworth, Stefan Smart, and many more!

The bundle includes over 40 hours of educational and prayer videos and a downloadable printable Ecumenical Novena to the Holy Spirit.

The bundle is available as a one-time rental for $25 for 3 months OR available to any CMAX subscriber for only $13/month.

You may watch these videos with a small group up to 10 people; larger groups, contact Awakening the Domestic Church for licensing. 

We will be back at 3pm EST with our new program. See you then!

What is in the Bundle?

The Preacher to the Popes and Discussions

There are four discussions following about the film with Dcn. Johannes Fichtenbaur/Martin Buehlmann, Dr. Scott Kelso/Dr. David Cole, Walter Matthews/Richard Roberts, and Dr. Mary Healy/Dr. Randy Clark.

Pentecost Preperation for Leaders

Dr. Ralph Martin, Fr. John Crossin, and Dcn. Darrell Wentworth will help you understand the current state of the church, movements within the church, and next steps you can take leading up to Pentecost. 

Preparing for Pentecost Retreat

Learn more about the Holy Spirit and the charisms and gifts of the Holy Spirit in this retreat pack. Talks are given by Dr. Mary Healy, Damian Stayne, Jean-Luc Moens, and Dcn. Darrell Wentworth.

You can watch the presentation as a CMAX.TV subscriber, rent access for one week, or purchase lifetime access to this program. 

Ecumenical Novena to the Holy Spirit

Pray the official approved novena in the nine days leading up to Pentecost! The booklet is available for anyone as a free download here

The video series includes nine sessions recorded for each day of the novena from leaders all over the world!

I Am Mark

Experience the Gospel of Mark as the early Christians would have heard it proclaimed in this presentation by Stefan Smart. 

We encourage you to follow up with your small group with this program after Pentecost. Use the rental to preview the program or get started! 

7 Days to Change

These 7 sessions are perfect for a small group to complete once per group session to dive deeper into identity in Christ.

We encourage you to follow up with your small group with this program after Pentecost and I Am Mark. Use the rental to preview the program or get started! 

CMAX TV’s “The Gospel According to Vinny” talks about Pentecost 

Pray, Veni Sancte Spiritus with us, led by John Michael Talbot

Suggested Schedule for the Pentecost Bundle

Pentecost Preparation for Leaders

Invite spiritually mature leaders to your home for dinner. Get to know them and then invite them to form a small group to go deeper in their relationship with the LORD by evangelizing out of their homes and neighborhoods. The goal is to form meaningful relationships.

Step 1
Prepare to Host

Watch the Preacher to the Popes movie and develop a time table to start this process. Have each couple host a home event on different dates and times to make it easier for young couples to participate. Advertise the plan.

Step 2
Preacher to the Popes and Discussion

Watch the Preacher to the Popes movie in your home with 10 people max. Smaller groups allow people to feel safer to share. You may consider having MENS ONLY, WOMENS ONLY or even TEENS ONLY groups.

SCHEDULE YOUR NEXT MEETING FOR I AM MARK! Try to have it on a weekend. It’s 2 ½ hours long and you want to have time to discuss the film.

Step 3
Ecumenical Novena to the Holy Spirit

Print out the Novena to the Holy Spirit and invite everyone to INTENTIONALLY COMMIT to praying the Novena over the next nine days. Encourage everyone to watch John Michael Talbot’s musical Novena.

Step 4
I Am Mark

Watch the film and then have some snack or lunch together. Remember to pray before the meal and include the lunch discussion in your prayer. Discuss the film during lunch. Make certain there is set end time and stop then. Give people the freedom to hang around afterwards. Let the power of the Gospel work as Jesus intends.

Step 5
7 Days to Change

7 Days is actually 8 sessions long. Watch Matt’s and Will’s story on Day 1. Decide the day of the week for the group to meet for 90 minutes. The hope is that most of the group will feel safe and will commit to a weekly gathering and develop intentional community to go deeper.

Step 6

Download the Free Pentecost Novena Booklet

After you request the booklet, please make sure to check your junk mail if you don’t see it within 15 minutes and add to your safe senders list! Because so many people are requesting the booklet, junk filters are suspicious. 

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