50 Hours to Pentecost Worldwide Prayer Chain

Bringing all Christians together for 50 Hours to Pentecost with Praise, Worship, and Intercession May 28-May 30 for New Pentecost 2020.

Unite with 200,000 Christians, from Israel to New York to Sidney to Rome and around the world in a 50 hour, uninterrupted prayer chain for a mighty intervention of God in healing our lands and in ushering in a revival leading to a great evangelization and mobilization of Missionary Disciples worldwide.


This site will offer live and pre-recorded liturgical and ecumenical events including worship sessions, Masses, liturgy of the hours led prayer, etc… as aids to help you join in part of the 50 hours to Pentecost worldwide. The list of events and videos is coming soon!

Praying so far of our 200,000 goal!

Live videos will be on streamed on all the language pages directly and videos to play on demand will be available!

Prayer and worship led by these artists and more!

Live Now!

Live videos will be on streamed on all the language pages directly and videos to play on demand will be available!

Prayer will begin on Thursday, May 28th at 10 a.m. with a one hour praise and worship prayer time live from Jerusalem and will end on Saturday, May 30th at 10 p.m. from Rome.

There will be resources on this page and registering will help us see how many people worldwide are committing to pray! 


  • Because of different time zones, we are allocating three days for this 50 hour prayer campaign.
  • We encourage individuals, worship leaders, worship bands and groups, prayer communities, and churches/parishes to partner with us to pray. Dioceses, universities and individuals from the entire body of Christ can unite for this event.

  • You can partner by signing up to mobilize others to pray. Everyone is encouraged to share the link with others.

  • All participants involved in the “50 hours to Pentecost” are invited to join the CHARIS Event on Saturday 30th May, at 10 p.m. Rome time. A great way to welcome Pentecost Sunday!

The following organizations, musicians, and individuals have joined in the commitment to the prayer chain:


We are aiding the children affected by unemployment caused by COVID-19 and the child sponsorship program of the Diocese of Masaka, Uganda in Africa. After costs of hosting the prayer chain are covered, all donations will go through the care of Bishop Severus Jjumba of Maska, Uganda. If you feel called, make a donation here: