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We are Christian to the Max! CMAX is a multi-channel, Christ-friendly, on-demand streaming platform. We believe that entertainment can be relevant, meaningful, and inspiring, so that you can engage the culture in an impactful way. CMAX.TV produces and distributes original entertainment that promotes what is true, good, and beautiful. We provide a platform for partners and content creators to transform culture and bring hope to families and individuals.

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What is Virtue?

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Rose Folsom

Rose Folsom is an author, keynote speaker, catechist, and spiritual director who has helped over 6,000 Catholics have a deeper connection with God so they can have more peace and confidence in their lives.

Rose was received into the Church in 1990 and became a Lay Dominican soon after. (Lay Dominicans are required to say they don’t speak for the whole Dominican Order.)

After completing a 5-year study group at the Dominican seminary in DC on the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, she founded to help people discover how to live virtues like faith, forgiveness, and patience in their daily lives and experience the joyful freedom of a virtuous life. She has since studied at the Avila Institute and elsewhere.

Rose leads a zoom group called Virtue Circle twice a month, out of which has grown the upcoming “Days of Renewal” video series. This exciting series blends virtual and in-person gatherings to revitalize your spiritual life and those of your friends.

We do this by helping you discover how to live the “7 Lively Virtues” every day so you can enjoy the peace and confidence of a thriving spiritual life and attract others to God. 

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