Stone's Folly

Thank you for participating and joining us in prayer.

120 years ago on December 31, 1900 Pope Leo the 13th stood at the altar in Saint Peter’s basilica, in Rome and asked God the Father to send the Holy Spirit upon the world again, like he did at the first Pentecost. Roughly 12 hours later, two Methodists, Agnes Ozman and Charles Parham received that experience and began speaking in tongues – just like the apostles had in Acts chapter 2. This event was the start of 120 years of empowering by the Holy Spirit for the Restoration of God the Father’s Will for the Church.

Stones Folly, where Pope Leo’s prayer was answered 120 years ago, will be the broadcast site. We want you to join us from your home to pray in the New Year. We want to pray for more than renewal, we want to pray for more than revival, we want to pray for the restoration of the church according to the Will of the Father!  We want to celebrate what God has done in the last 120 years and pray into existence what He plans for our future! 

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Profits from sales and donations will be used for the construction of a Memorial site and hopefully a Museum of the Holy Spirit.

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