What is CMAX TV?

What is CAINA?

Welcome to CMAX.TV, a Christ-Friendly streaming service. It is our mission to empower creators by providing a platform for their viewers to watch content with a focus on Christ and the Kingdom.

We are proud to partner with the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America (CAINA) organizarion and to support their movement for the Kindgdom through teachings of Catholic Apologetics.

CAINA’s mission is to focus on strengthening faith and equipping Catholics to better explain and share WHY we believe what we do in our increasingly secular society.

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This presentation provides an overview of amazing scientific evidence demonstrating God’s existence. This is the first presentation we recommend watch in CAINA’s library of apologetics videos, answering common questions. (read more) 

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This presentation covers God and evolution, the Catholic Church teaching on creation, the concept of evolutionary creation, the current popular view of evolution in academia, and intelligent cause and genetic information. (read more)

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In support of the Catholic Church’s New Evangelization, the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America (CAINA) provides informative and interesting presentations and writings to help Catholics better understand and uphold our faith heritage to an increasingly secular society in need of hope and the Christian vision.

CAINA’s two most popular apologetics presentations are “God and Science: Where Does the Evidence Lead?” and “Which is True: Creation, Evolution, or Both?” These two multimedia presentations present “the rest of the story” on the actual harmony between science and faith, contrary to the prevailing modern myth that they conflict. These apologetics presentations help dispel doubts, strengthen faith, and equip faithful Catholics to share objective reasons for belief in God with family and friends.

A CMAX.TV subscription helps YOU to access content including formational materials focused on relationship with all three persons and our growing library of Christ-friendly entertainment AND supports Steve Hemler and CAINA. Every subscription started through this page is 10% donation to CAINA – on EVERY new subscription and renewal. 

What teachers are saying about CAINA's presentations

Contrary to the prevailing myth of a conflict between science and faith, this presentation covers “the rest of the story” regarding the actual scientific evidence of God’s existence, mostly presented on video by scientists themselves. This apologetics presentation dispels doubts, strengthens faith, and provides important information for sharing with those who may doubt the existence of God. This presentation is especially valuable for preparing or equipping middle school, high school, and college students for challenges to faith they are facing or will likely face, especially in college.

Most people find they need to answer for themselves and in discussions with others the question: “Does God exist?” To help answer this “big question,” this multimedia presentation presents compelling scientific evidence of God’s existence from cosmology and physics. Contrary to the usual myth of a conflict between science and faith, attendees are excited to learn “the rest of the story” about the actual scientific evidence of God’s existence, mostly presented on video by scientists themselves. This evidence, which God left for science to discover, reveals a cosmos brought into being by a Creator beyond space and time and a universe that is surprisingly finely tuned to be “just right” for life.
As such, this presentation provides an overview of amazing scientific evidence demonstrating God’s existence. This objective evidence of God’s existence helps dispel doubts and strengthen faith, as well as provides persuasive reasons for belief that are valuable for sharing with family and friends who have questions about the existence of God.

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This presentation explores the biggest challenge to faith experienced by many people, especially in college. Namely, is Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution compatible with faith in God? Or, does evolution make it possible to be an “intellectually fulfilled atheist” (to quote Oxford Professor Richard Dawkins)? This apologetics presentation covers key Catholic Church teachings on God and evolution, as well the concept of evolutionary creation and the origin of genetic information. While you may not have personal doubts about God’s role in the evolutionary process, this session will provide valuable information for discussion with those who do.

First, we discuss the shortcomings of the commonly accepted view of evolution in academia, which holds that life on earth originated and developed without any divine plan or guidance at all, and how we need both science and religion to get the full truth and complete picture. As such, this presentation next explores the concept of evolutionary creation or theistic evolution, which many people see as a reasonable balance between faith and science. This includes looking at the four types of causes (primary, secondary, intelligent, natural) in order to better understand how evolution could have been God’s method of creation. In short, God is the primary/intelligent cause of the universe and all within it. However, God prefers to work through secondary/natural causes (such as natural selection acting on genetic mutations) in the development of the universe and the evolution of life on earth. In closing, we look at how an intelligent cause is a valid explanation for the genetic information found in DNA.

You can watch the presentation as a CMAX.TV subscriber, rent it for $3 for 48 hours, or purchase it for digital viewing for $15.

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