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Will and Matt have a unique point of view that comes from an epic story that only God could write about their lives. Seven practical teachings focus on equipping God’s people to become the remedy to racial division at a time when many are searching for answers. Each subject will contain Biblical principles, historical insights, and inspiring personal experiences. It will take a united church to heal a divided nation.

Letters from viewers of 7 Days to Change:

This presentation is dynamite! Will Ford and Matt Lockett have the kind of balance, clarity, winsomeness, gentleness, and prayerfulness that wins people’s trust, which is essential to the success of any attempt at racial reconciliation. Their godly approach is exactly what our country, and the world, needs right now.

– Dr. Mary Healy, Professor of Scripture, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

This series is simply fabulous, a NOW-word for our time. It is a refreshingly human, intimate, delightful and at times surprising presentation using the prism of race (racism) to focus on the amazing way God works in everyone’s life. What would seem to be an unlikely friendship enables the hope for lasting reconciliation. Highly recommended. Must see!

– Julie and Dr Bob Sawyer

Dear Matt and Will,

My husband and I were deeply touched by your “Seven Days For Change” retreat and as a result, took a three day trip down to Virginia to seek out the sites you described to pray and intercede there for God’s purposes.  We had a blessed trip visiting Sailor’s Creek and the Lockett Farm where we met with the current owner who told us stories of the battle and then kindly showed us into the house to view the family records and historical artifacts.  It was a very special visit and we even found Matt’s family’s entry in the guest book. 

We then traveled to Appomattox Court House National Historical Park to thank God for ending the war and appreciated the deep sense of peace and grace around the McLean House.  There my husband discovered another black cooking pot in the slave quarters.  After Appomattox, we briefly visited Charlottesville and prayed there for healing of racial divisions. 

Everywhere we went over the three days, we shared your story – with the park rangers, the bed and breakfast owners, and even with people we met in coffee shops and stores.  All were moved and grateful to hear how God is moving to bring about racial healing.

Thank you again for presenting God’s desire for oneness and allowing yourselves to be used as a prophetic sign for today.

– Theresa

7 Days to Change Session Overviews:

God’s Workmanship: God had a dream, He wrapped flesh and bone around that dream, and you are the embodiment of His dream. This simple truth places an unfathomable amount of value on every human life. God weaves our lives together in unexpected and miraculous ways that make us realize that we need each other. When we value people in this light and defend their God-given purposes, we become partners in a divine storyline that will transform the earth. Ephesians 2:10

Memorial Stones – Our Shared History: God loves to remember, and he has us to remember the past so we can forgive it and heal it. Memorials remind us of the history of God’s faithfulness with those that have gone on before us. Memorials were also used by Elijah to rebuild the altar of prayer. Let these stories of yesterday’s hidden heroes fuel your prayers for healing and justice today. Joshua 3:7, 14-17; 4:1-7

Synergy – The Power of Unity: We all have good and bad things in our lives and families. When you look at your life, you can see dominating themes or narratives that have the power to shape your destiny and future. In other words, there are both blessings and curses that have flowed from one generation to the next. When you see them, you must choose which one we want to be a part of—the healing or the hurt. God is not looking for originality right now. He’s looking for successors to step into His unfinished business. Hebrews 11:39-40: Mark 16:19-20

Movement of Justice: When we understand what it is to do justice and to love mercy, only then can we walk humbly before God. When we fight for justice, we are comforting God’s heart. When we understand the past fights for justice, we can better understand what we are fighting against now with current racial strife and tension. Understanding the history of eugenics and its connection to abortion helps us understand systemic racial injustice today. When the people we cannot see can become optional, it’s inevitable that some of the people we can see can also be dehumanized, marginalized, and even eliminated. Isaiah 59:14-16; Micah 6:8

Stay in the Room: The overlooked wonder of the upper room is that when the Holy Spirit fell, for the first time, the people understood one another. This understanding only happened because the people were committed to staying in the room together. Practicing communication skills are vital to building relationships. Actively listening to each other is key to healing and understanding. Recognizing our stereotypes and blind spots helps to eliminate barriers to understanding. Acts 1:12; Malachi 3:16,17

The Privilege of Privilege: Though some debate whether or not white privilege exists, we must steward the favor that God has given us for the benefit of others. Jesus didn’t have any antipathy or distaste for privilege—He just didn’t need it. When we use privilege for self-protection, it turns into an idol called “status.” When appropriately used, privilege is less about status and has more to do with purpose. Luke 12:48b

The Dream Stream: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most famous speech originated out of a prayer meeting where he heard the inspired phrase, “I have a dream.” That prayer and speech were directly connected to a powerful prayer of Jesus that we would be one in Christ. Forgiveness is the key for us all to be part of God’s storyline. Offense not only traps us, but it can become a pit of despair. Repentance is more than a pain of mind, but a change of mind that results in different direction and actions. We can become part of answering Jesus’ prayer by doing God’s dream of healing racial division.

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