Tom Esposito

Chief Operating Officer | General Manager of Subscription Platforms

Tom's heart weighs heavy for God's youth and their formation in the Gospel. This can be seen in his life's work as co-founder of the Missioners of Christ, a Catholic Missionary Community that grows, mentors, and builds up young disciples into strong, persevering adults in faith both domestically and overseas. Over the past 30 years, he has applied his gifts and talents to further the Kingdom by playing a principal role in the construction of start-up ventures with the intentional purpose of bettering the lives of our youth. He founded a non-profit program that provides counseling for at-risk teens and started a parish-based youth ministry, all while creating Catholic Christian formation content and resources rooted in the Gospel teachings. His leadership and mentoring skills flow through each aspect of his life. He enjoys each day with his wife and four children.

Some Highlights for Tom

  • Creator of CMAX projects “Transfigure” and “The Measure You Give”
  • 25 years as Chief Financial Officer at The Insight Group, a business services consulting firm
  • Founded Community Innovations, a non-profit counseling agency working with at-risk youth and their families 
  • Co-founder and President-Emeritus of Missioners of Christ, a Catholic missionary organization
  • Author of “Got Faith? Catholic Christian Reflections for Youth”
  • Youth Minister for 11 years at Catholic Church of the Ascension
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Notre Dame) and Master of Social Work (NSU) 
“We are living in a culture where media and entertainment are now the primary consumers of our attention; as such, this is the temporal battleground that we must be willing to engage. While the vast majority of what comes across our screens is both distracting and disorienting to the spirit. CMAX seeks to focus and orient the spirit towards the True, the Good, and the Beautiful—the Divine Antidote to the present anxiety and despair—cultivating the soil for the authentic transformation of our culture.”