Sarah Stallings

Public & Customer Relations

Sarah Stallings is a wife, mother, and faithful follower of Christ. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Clinical Social Work and desires to learn more about humanity in order to lend a supporting hand to more people spiritually hurting and in need of God. She is the backbone in administrative support and customer service for CMAX. Sarah says, "I enjoy connecting with customers, hearing their stories and testimonies about Jesus's love and glory, and being the solution finder."

Some Super Stuff about Sarah 

  • Working to complete her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work
  • Taught youth ministry for 3 years (middle and high school)
  • Partnered with her husband, she teaches middle school faith formation
  • Once in her field of study, she and her husband will open a family-oriented, faith-based therapy center
“There are so many true, good, and beautiful stories out in our lives, families, and communities longing to be told and needing to be heard by others seeking purpose, encouragement, and joy. Soon to be Saint Fulton Sheen had a TV show titled “Life is Worth Living” that ran in the 1950’s. For me, the title of his show best sums up the impact that CMAX can and will have. CMAX is an opportunity to own our stories, to share our stories, to show the power and challenge of the Gospel.”
Public & Customer Relations