Kaela Bell

Media Editor

Kaela Bell, a recent film program graduate of Regent University, has a heart passionate about social justice and equality. She can't pass up a good thrift store deal and she loves drama-comedy films. As a movie consumer who loves a good bargain, she wants the world to see reflections of themselves in the media they consume without compromising value. This makes her very intentional when video editing and content creating. Kaela says of her worldview, "I want to world to be a better place and I want everyone to feel included."

The Kool Notes about Kaela 

  • Talentedly skilled in Photography and Editing
  • One of the super creative minds that supports the subscription box The Mass Box 
  • Looking forward to trying everything before deciding what to be when she grows up
“I am very excited to see the independent films and television shows that CMAX will attract.”
Media Editor