John Forte, JR.

Content Creator

John Forte is an award-winning director, producer, writer and creative juggernaut. He has directed well over 300 programs and has written film, television, and various media projects. His humor, collaborative spirit, guidance of actors, crew, and post-production staff embodies his goal of focus and fun. His preparation is solid and leadership on and off set is seamless, as he navigates the creation of stellar stories that help people relate to the challenging human condition. As John says, “Story is everything.”

Some cool facts about John:

  • Executive Producer for over 100 productions for Coastal Training Technologies & DuPont Sustainable Solutions 
  • Writer of over 100 industrial programs on a variety of topics from
    safety and health issues to health care to human resources. 
  • Directed “Lesson on Leadership with Sully Sullenberger”
  • Directed “Rudy: Safety Takes Courage” with Rudy Ruettiger (from the movie “Rudy”) , winning 5 awards
  • Directed ‘Driven to Distraction’ The story of a mysterious man who gets in your car every time you allow distractions to get to while driving.  Winner of 5 awards including the  WORLDFEST HOUSTON.
“In CMAX.TV, there is finally an alternative resource of creative spirit, faith, and mind blended into entertainment and educational media. I have no doubt the impact of CMAX will be legendary as it pioneers a new frontier of smart entertainment. I am excited to help create and transform scintillating programming into impactful stories of the human condition.”