Deacon Darrell Wentworth

Executive Producer

Deacon Darrell Wentworth is driven to foster an atmosphere of cohesion for Christians, from every tradition, to gather in the name of God, their father. He has dedicated himself to growing the international evangelization movement for several decades. He plants seeds of fellowship and love in Christ; and is passionate about growing young believers into the strong and faithful. He is always foraging for new ways to help his brothers and sisters - in - Christ to identify with how God sees them. He just wants everyone to understand how loved, blessed, and gifted God has a made them. DD desires to "build up the Body of Christ, so that it is able to Cross-Pollinate all the charismatic gifts in order that the entire Kingdom can benefit from what God is doing in our age".

All about that Deacon Darrell 

  • Founder of the Awakening the Domestic Church
  • Has 25yrs experience assisting adults learn how to evangelize 
  • International leader in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) Movement
  • CCR Conference speaker and retreat director for the North American area

"Stop yelling at the darkness, just turn on more light!"

“It’s time the transform Culture into what God desires! The Church exists in order to evangelize. Jesus did most of his teaching among the people not in the synagogue. Entertainment is what brings people together, influences their behavior and forms their world view. CMAX will provide a platform for Christians to influence entertainment. My hope is that CMAX will create a tool for Christians to invite their acquaintances over to their homes to watch wholesome programing that will help them form relationships with each other: creating lasting friendships. People are living isolated lives in the midst of crowds. By demonstrating God’s plan for loving relationships through entertainment and by encouraging the “Dinner and a Movie” format for relationship building CMAX will transform culture.”
Deacon Darrell
Executive Producer, CMAX