Brigette Rock

Producer/Director | General Manager of New Content

Brigette Rock has been telling stories since she was a small child. She found her way to God as an adult and now she just wants to make sure everyone knows how good it feels to be faithfully loved by Our Creator. She carries the experience of several lifetimes and knows that each trial she has faced brings her closer to being the storyteller God created to have the impact He intended. She is a producer-writer-director. Brigette loves backstory the most and says, "I delight in talking to people, listening to their life stories, and crafting them into my character's backstory. She is the supervising producer and co-show runner on CMAX's new series, FantomWorks: Off-Grid.

All about B. Rock 

  • Has produced television programming and feature films for over seven years
  • Created three reality television shows 
  • Won 11 awards for produced films
  • Written and directed the feature film Thanksgiving with the Carters (2019)
  • Written and produced an award-winning web series, The Cell which was turned into the feature film The Rogue Cell (2019)
“I believe the world needs a change, and not a little one from a little group doing little things. I believe the world needs to see this on a large scale being done by so many different groups of people who all want BIG, IMPACTFUL, and DANGEROUSLY HUMAN - CHANGE. We need relatable characters living lives that help us feel connected with purpose and value. CMAX.TV is a mirror of humanity and more than just a screen to watch an empty world. CMAX.TV will be dangerously human and demonstrate that we are all stewards of the same family living in the same home.”