Meet the Team

Meet the CMAX Team

Christ’s mission, which He handed on to the Church just before His Ascension, centers on people and their relationships; with God, with each other, and even our understanding of ourselves. We’ve assembled a highly skilled and highly talented team—yet we recognize that ultimately, we are striving to be good instruments in the Hands of the Ultimate Creative Author of all.We, at CMAX see this venture as a calling, and have the mutual agreement that all on our team must put first things first (hint: it’s not ‘our will be done’). We want to bring you the best formation and entertainment possible—yet we want to do it in the right way. We hope you want to be a part of this joyful endeavor. At CMAX, we take our mission very seriously… just not ourselves!

Meet the CMAX Principals and Co-Founders

This group of filmmakers, media professionals, ministry, and business leaders came together to launch CMAX! We fill different roles in the organization at different times, but this is the group who “started” things. 

Ashley Zahorian, MFA

“CMAX can create and promote engaging and inspiring quality media. We know the average U.S. adult watches over 11 hours of media a day. Let’s make every minute point toward God.”

– Ashley

Brigette Rock

“We need relatable characters living lives that help us all feel connected with a greater purpose and value for mankind.”

– Brigette 

Bob Adams at CMAX

Bob Adams

“CMAX is an opportunity to show the power and challenge of the Gospel.”

– Bob

David Mims

“I am looking forward to helping produce entertaining, family-friendly programs that promote traditional Christian values.”

– David

John Forte, Jr.

“I am excited to help create and transform scintillating programming into impactful stories of the human condition.”

– John

Michael Kerry Williams

“We seek to support parents through the creation of innovative and formative programming for their children.”

– Michael

Meet the CMAX Advisory Board

Our advisory board members are a hand-selected team who brings their behind-the-scenes talents and gifts. From business operations to distribution and everything in between – plus a prayer warrior to keep us on track with His big plan – we have all our bases covered. 

Jim Brown

Marketing/Board Advisor

Steve Warnecke

Distribution/Board Advisor

“I’m excited to see CMAX content impacting hearts, as the Gospel is presented through teaching and drama.”

– Steve

Geriann Wentworth

Intercessory Prayer Leader

“I see a great need in today’s society for programming that will awaken the desire for character and virtue.”

– Geriann

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