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"Faith without works is Dead..."

- James 2:26b

"...entertainment without faith is pretty dead too, in my humble opinion."

- Random CMAX Team Member

Do you want to put your faith to work? Your subscription not only gives you access to currently available illuminating media from CMAX, it helps build a library of inspired CMAX TV Original Content!

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We have a diverse lineup of shows that will be created by CMAXTV for CMAXTV viewers! Stay tuned for the shows listed below!

The Eucharist Exposed

Join us on a travel log show with a devout Catholic and an agnostic scientist searching for the truth about Eucharistic miracles and the real presence of Christ. These miracles vary from scientifically documented occurrences of communion bread and wine transforming into human flesh and blood to cases of women sustained only by the Eucharist for decades to local rumors and legends. 

Between the Masses

It’s a comedy sitcom about everyday life of raising children in today’s world. What happens between the Masses – both Sunday to Sunday AND the conflicting worlds of a young widower trying to raise his children. On top of every other standard challenge, he’s left between the young adult crowd and the older widower crowd. Will he and his family find a place?

Discernment House

Hunkered down in the birthplace of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States, 12 discerners live, work, and pray for 40 days at the Ark and the Dove retreat center to discern their vocations. Through the reality TV show 40 30-minute episodes chronicle the daily highlights of their retreat experience while the full talks, homilies, and deeper interviews are bonus content for people at home to journey more fully with the retreatants.

40 for Eternity

Join host Tom Esposito for a “Lightened Up!” look at the world with segments like My Rock, My Forte with Brigette Rock and John Forte; Get Fit with Fr. Dan Molochko, What Would G.K. Say?, Something Old, Something New with Deacon Darrell Wentworth, What in the World?, The Max Factor with Ashley Zahorian, On a Mission with Carol Ristane, and Young Guns for 40 minutes of engaging content from all around the globe.

That's Faith

It’s an insightful, realistic dialogue between two people dealing with the challenges of their faith. What questions have you had? Join us on the adventure of discovery and authentic dialogue. 

Awakening the Domestic Church

This 200-talk series led by Deacon Darrell Wentworth helps a small group or individuals fill in gaps in spiritual formation and includes discussion guides and daily meditation questions. 21 of the talks are already shot with Father Cantalamessa, Deacon Darrell Wentworth, and Gabriel Meyer. 

God’s  Fellas

Two former mobsters have their own unique approach at trying to be holy. In fact, faith by intimidation might be their catch phrase as they try to make up for past sins by spreading the good word.

Preaching to the Choir

After a classically trained, in debt from student loans, choir director deals with his mission of finding voices from within the parish.  His secret dream is to be a singer in a band as he pursues putting his own band together.

Sins of the Father

While hiding from his mafia family roots, a priest in witness relocation uncovers the tangled web of his father’s corrupting influence spreading even to his remote parish assignment. Feature film; first draft of the script is complete.

Imagine If...

We sit down with many of the significant shakers and movers found in the Bible, interview style. In this imaginative look at some amazing Biblical characters, they talk to us about their experiences, lessons learned, plus so much more.

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