CMAX Media Corp names Tom Esposito Chief Operating Officer​

CMAX Media Corp Names Tom Esposito Chief Operating Officer

Esposito Brings 25 Years of Executive Experience from Diverse Fields for the Media Platform’s Planned Expansion of Offerings and Reach

NORFOLK, VA | November 20, 2019 – CMAX Media today announced that Tom Esposito, co-founder of Missioners of Christ and CFO of The Insight Group, has taken the position of Chief Operating Officer for the media corporation.

Ashley Zahorian, CEO and co-founder of CMAX, led the announcement; “Tom is tasked with implementing best business practices at CMAX, creating structures and processes while building a team that will incarnate its mission and vision. His experience in leading business, ministry, music, and theatre will help us execute our mission with integrity and focus.”

Despite obtaining a BBA at the University of Notre Dame in 1989, Esposito forwent a corporate opportunity in Atlanta to work with foster children in the Hampton Roads area. Obtaining his Masters in Clinical Social Work in 1993, Esposito was formed under the therapeutic approach known as Positive Peer Culture, eventually forming the nonprofit, Community Innovations, serving at-risk teens and their families in their homes as an alternative to institutionalization.

“If we want to transfigure the culture, we need people of faith who understand how culture works,” shared Deacon Darrell Wentworth, Executive Producer and Co-founder of CMAX. “Tom’s life work, whether in business, ministry, or as a clinical/social professional, has had the core focus of cultivating healthy sub-cultures where people can thrive. We are so blessed that God arranged the timing so Tom could join our group!”

Besides co-founding the Missioners of Christ, a Catholic missionary community, Esposito was in on the ground level of the launch of The Insight Group, Inc., an executive consulting firm, working with the former-execs from IBM who architected the transformation of the multi-national firm from a product-based mainframe corporation to a services and solutions company. Esposito eventually became Insight’s Chief Financial Officer. “I’ve learned a great deal in the areas of corporate culture, collaborative leadership, and business transformation from some of the best of the best over these past 23 years,” Esposito shares. “But perhaps even more so, how much can be accomplished in a business when the principals put the team and its mission before self-interest or credit. This has really been an incredible group to be formed within.”

At CMAX, Esposito will be engaged in all operational elements of the business, from finance to marketing to public relations, while also providing support to the media production dimension, which is primarily managed through the closely affiliated Something Like Real Pictures, LLC. Esposito is also slated to host Forty for Eternity, CMAX’s video magazine, slated to launch in January 2020.

“I am thrilled to be part of this very talented and faith-filled team at CMAX. The goal is ambitious, and the challenges that always accompany a new venture can be quite daunting—but the caliber of people involved and the very real prospect of being able to affect a positive impact on our culture is both awesome and humbling. I am thankful for this opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful work.”

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 Media Announcement PDF – Tom Esposito 

CMAX Media Corp seeks to ‘Light The Way through Entertainment and Media’ as a clearinghouse for all media promoting the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. CMAX provides the ‘Christ friendly’ online streaming platform, CMAX.TV, and has a host of original programming in the works, including comedy, film, and children’s television. Striving to transform the media habits of our society, CMAX encourages all to ‘Watch Less. Watch Better.’, serving as an instrument to transfigure the culture.

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