CMAX Media Corp names John Forte Head of Production

CMAX Media Corp names John Forte Head of Production

Forte brings over 30 years of experience in directing, producing, and writing to expand and enhance the Media Platform’s offerings

NORFOLK, VA | January 28, 2020 – CMAX Media today announced that John Forte, President of Benevento Pictures and former Creative Director at DuPont Sustainable Solutions, has taken the position of Head of Production for the media corporation.

Ashley Zahorian, CEO and co-founder of CMAX, led the announcement; “Storytelling is at the heart of the mission of CMAX, so acquiring someone of John’s ability to bring a story to life in diverse media formats is a huge asset to our team.”

An award-winning director, producer, writer and creative juggernaut, Forte has directed well over 300 programs and has written film, television, and various media projects. His humor, collaborative spirit, guidance of actors, crew, and post-production staff embodies his goal of focus and fun. Yet even with his attention to excellence in every detail of the production process, Forte is quick to emphasize the essential nature of his work; “We must allow people to connect and relate to characters and stories that reflect the universal challenges of the human condition. In this, story is everything.”

Tom Esposito, Chief Operating Officer of CMAX Media, enthusiastically shared his thoughts with the announcement. “John has the ability to take a project from idea to finished production, with deep knowledge and experience for each step of this process. His collaborative orientation has made him a favorite among actors and production crew alike… people want to work with John, and that creates an environment where great things happen. We are thrilled to have him with us in this venture.”

Forte’s career path began early in life, where he won ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Co-writer’ for an original play in a high school competition. He plied his trade at acting in college and in New York. His goal to write, produce and direct were actualized when he moved down to Virginia and helped Coastal training technologies turn into an international force. He has won over 160 awards, including directing “Lessons on Leadership with Sully Sullenberger” and “Rudy: Safety takes Courage” with Rudy Ruettiger.

At CMAX Forte will help guide productions and the creative content by bringing in new talent on both sides of the camera. He will also be mentoring younger artists in their pursuit of creative excellence. His extensive network of veteran professionals will be utilized as he hopes to help guide the vision of CMAX with fun, collaboration, and encouragement.

“In CMAX.TV, there is finally an alternative resource of creative spirit, faith, and mind blended into entertainment and educational media,” shares Forte. “I have no doubt the impact of CMAX will be legendary as it pioneers a new frontier of smart entertainment. I am excited to help create and transform scintillating programming into impactful stories of the human condition.”

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Media Announcement – John Forte

CMAX Media Corp seeks to ‘Light The Way through Entertainment and Media’ as a clearinghouse for all media promoting the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. CMAX provides the ‘Christ friendly’ online streaming platform, CMAX.TV, and has a host of original programming in the works, including comedy, film, and children’s television. Striving to transform the media habits of our society, CMAX encourages all to ‘Watch Less. Watch Better.’, serving as an instrument to transfigure the culture.

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  1. Hi John:
    Good to see you in a position where your skill and big heart can do so much good. I look forward to seeing the great things you will accomplish with an organization like CMAX Media Corp.
    Buona Fortuna! Fred

  2. John Forte — God made only one. You are in the right place to be, what’s the word, scintillating — that’s it, scintillating, with purpose! 🙂 Peace and love…

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