The Preacher to the Popes: Father Cantalamessa

We are in the final stages of editing  and post-production of the exclusive, feature-length documentary on Father Cantalamessa! This is a documentary from our partner Common Good Foundation:  Awakening the Domestic Church and will be seen FIRST on CMAX.TV. We will open up screenings around the world for theaters, churches, parishes, schools, and communities to view the film. Will you help us get across the finish line? And yes…there are donor perks!

Our timeline is running out as we plan to release the project within the year. In order to reach this lofty goal, our donation requests for completing our work is as follows:

Timeline and Goals

Complete the editing process                $15,000
Post-sound mix and narration recording$8,000
Implement distribution and marketing  $5,000   
Final legal fees and copyrights$2,000

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